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  • 03/22/04 - CCI Long Distance pulls offensive ad.  We would like to thank CCI Long Distance for hearing our concerns and wasting no time in pulling the ad that prompted our boycott. CCI Long Distance explained in its correspondence to the Tuscarora Center that the ad had been thought to be "innocent." According to CCI, the concept behind the ad was, "the way it was," and was "not in any way meant to exploit anyone or anything," however the ad was immediately pulled while senior management investigated our concerns, ultimately deciding to pull the ad altogether.

  • 03/12/04 - A boycott of CCI Long Distance is underway-- and encouraged-- for all American Indian people and those who support respectful treatment of Native Americans. CCI Long Distance is running a tasteless television spot that is derogatory to American Indians. It features a stereotypical "cartoon" Indian with a "mohawk" hair style shooting a bow and arrow with notes attached to the arrows advertising low long distance rates.

  • 03/10/04 - We are pleased to announce the first annual Great Salt Water Veterans' Honor & American Indian Heritage Powwow is planned for Nov 5-7, 2004 at the Onslow County Fairgrounds in Jacksonville, NC. We're especially proud to announce that Black Lodge will be the Northern Host Drum, Cedartree will be the Southern Host Drum. For more information, please see the official powwow poster.

  • 01/03/04 - The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has created a comprehensive course that serves as an American Indian Studies elective for high school students. UNFORTUNATELY, not one county high school in Coastal North Carolina has chosen to offer the elective.

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