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Skaru:re Culture

Three Bands

The Tuscarora nation, or Skaru:re in North Carolina were made of up of three distinct bands or "tribes": the Kau-ta-noh or Ka-te-nu-a-ka, the A-ka-wan-tea-ka, and the Skaruren. The word "were" is used here because after the Tuscarora War, the survivors scattered and the three bands were no longer distinct.

In present day, the individuals of the various Tuscarora groups in North Carolina have taken to identifying with one or another of these original bands. Most claim to be Kau-ta-noh or Ka-te-nu-a-ka.

The Kau-ta-noh (pronounced "Kah-oo-tah-noh") or Ka-te-nu-a-ka.

This was the original band of Tuscarora; the "People of the Submerged Pine." It's important to note that "Cau-ta-noh" was the name the Tuscarora use for the Neuse River.

The A-ka-wan-tea-ka

This was a smaller band. The name means "doubtful."

The Skaruren

This band, whose name means "the hemp gatherers" are considered to have been the Tuscarora proper band.

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