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Skaru:re Culture

Three Bands

The Tuscarora nation, or Skaru:re in North Carolina were made of up of three distinct bands or "tribes": the Kau-ta-noh or Ka-te-nu-a-ka, the A-ka-wan-tea-ka, and the Skaruren. The word "were" is used here because after the Tuscarora War, the survivors scattered and the three bands were no longer distinct. (Read more...)


Seven clans exist within the Tuscarora nation:

Bear, Wolf, Turtle, Beaver, Deer, Eel, Snipe

Each clan has its own clan mother and clan chief, responsible for representing the clan in the great council. (Read more...)

Matrilineal Society

Unlike modern society where children's lineage is passed down and tracked primarily through the father's line (via his surname), in traditional Tuscarora society, the children's identity comes from their mother. This goes for tribal affiliation as well as clan affiliation. (Read more...)

Festivals & Feasts

Skaru:re customs call for several festivals of thanksgiving throughout the year. In addition to these core celebrations, traditionally the Tuscarora also allow for special feasts that served the purpose of uniting the people to call on the Creator for help or blessings, or to give thanks in certain situations such as the raising of a new chief, going to war, reaching a peace, or other similar reasons. (Read more...)

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